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Imagine a world where your people

love their work.

Your employees are the most important investment you will make, ever.

The talent war is real. Employers can no longer compete on salary and old-school benefits to attract and retain the best people. Those who offer the most efficient, flexible, and modern employee experience are winning—big.


Are you making your employees your #1 priority? How can you help them thrive and succeed all day, every day? You already know it’s far more expensive to acquire new customers vs. retaining existing customers and the same goes for your employees. It’s time to level up your experience to keep your people productive, engaged, and fiercely loyal.

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Offer the flexibility to work any time, from anywhere.

Perhaps the biggest shift in employee demands is the flexibility to work remotely or in a hybrid model. Real Impact can put the right technology in place that enables remote and deskless workers to connect and collaborate seamlessly in real-time from anywhere in the world. It’s a win-win!

Foster a culture of happy employees.

From learning and upskilling for growth to promoting and providing  the coveted work/life balance—employees want to feel fulfilled and supported. We can give you a competitive edge with the modern, mobile tools and experience employees love.

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Make work faster and simpler.

It might go without saying, but nobody likes wasting time on mundane, manual tasks. Real Impact can help you consolidate your data and applications, automate daily tasks, and streamline processes so employees can focus on work that is important and impactful.

Empower everyone with knowledge.

You’ve heard knowledge is power but in many companies, it takes way too much time and effort to find information. Let us help you centralize information and provide secure, frictionless access for employees, customers, vendors, and partners.

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Win the Talent War with a Modern Workplace

Real Impact shares Microsoft’s goals for a modern workplace where every employee can do their best work with confidence.

  • Create borderless, equitable workspaces

  • Enable seamless digital experiences

  • Improve employee wellbeing

  • Turn insights into actions to enable cultural transformation

  • Unleash creativity with automation and A.I.

  • Harness collective knowledge

  • Upskill for today, reskill for tomorrow

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How We Build Exceptional Employee Experiences

Real Impact will listen to your goals, explore your existing challenges, and align the right Microsoft tools to your unique needs

Microsoft Viva Connections

A desktop & mobile experience that bridges together news, conversations, videos, and a quick dashboard of actions—all in one place.

Microsoft Viva Insights

An innovative tool to help employees and employers ensure work is focused, balanced, and appreciated.

Microsoft Viva Learning

A powerful learning platform that allows you to delegate the process of content curation throughout your organization.

Microsoft Viva Topics

A curation platform that crawls SharePoint to learn about specific knowledge, such as projects, initiatives, policies, and products.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a mobile and desktop collaboration application for chat, online conferences, file sharing, and task management.

Microsoft Yammer

Yammer is a social media-like mobile and desktop application where users can post and share messages to a community feed.

Today is the Perfect Day to Put Your Employees First

Prioritizing the health and happiness of your employees isn’t just a strategic business move, it’s the right thing to do. Real Impact is here to help you create an experience everyone loves.

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