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Imagine a world where challenges become opportunities.

Complicated problems need creative solutions.

In a perfect world, every business would have software that fits like a glove right out of the box. But since every business is unique and industry requirements are always changing, one-size-fits-all technology doesn’t exist. Real Impact can give you the next best thing—turnkey and tailored solutions that help you crush your goals no matter your industry or size of your business.

Our Specialties

  • Automation

  • Collaboration

  • Employee Experience

  • Customer Experience

  • Deskless/Frontline Workers

  • Data

  • Analytics

  • Insights

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Explore how we solved real-world challenges for these industries.


A higher education institution wanted to improve its student user experience, streamline operations, connect disparate services and data, and reduce costs.


With our Phygital (Physical + Digital) Student Experience Platform, Real Impact integrated our customer’s existing data & solutions, improved collaboration, and surfaced information through A.I. chatbot with intelligent recommendations. The solution leverages the Microsoft tech stack—SharePoint, Teams, Power Platform, and Azure Bot Services—for a unified, intuitive, and extensible experience.

Improvements Delivered:

  • Empowered student education and growth

  • Improved the user experience for students & faculty

  • Accelerated and simplified information access

  • Maximized and extended the value of their existing Microsoft investment 

  • Leveraged A.I. intelligence and tools for a more modern platform and experience


Retail Frontline Store Closure App


Like many enterprise retail organizations, the pandemic forced our customer to adapt in many ways from supporting frontline and corporate employees with healthcare, regulatory, and financial changes to the need to easily track store closures.


Real Impact’s Retail Frontline Store Closure Application provided a unified solution that enables frontline workers to submit and track store closure data that is made easily accessible to corporate executives and support partners. The application leverages Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, Dataverse, Power BI, and Microsoft Teams.

Improvements Delivered:

  • Improved the user experience for frontline leaders

  • Accelerated access to business-critical information for corporate stakeholders

  • Automated time-consuming and high opportunity cost tasks

  • Maximized and extended the value of their existing Microsoft investment

  • Provided modern, intelligent tools built for the future of retail


Unified Insights and Reporting in Power BI


A healthcare organization was maintaining and storing their health record and data in siloed applications. They were looking for an end-to-end data management solution to track and report on their unstructured data and KPIs.


Following an assessment of stakeholder needs, Real Impact created a solution using web services to extract data from existing applications, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to consolidate the data for reporting, and Microsoft Power BI to create interactive dashboards and reports.


Our customers can now track meaningful KPIs (such as clients who have reached milestones in their enrollment process), monitor and measure client outcomes and trends, and see a comprehensive financial report with hours and amounts being billed.

Improvements Delivered:

  • Consolidated, meaningful data from multiple sources

  • Interactive, visual reports for stakeholders with the ability to drill down into details

  • Effectively monitor client trends and outcomes

  • Regular tracking of weekly and monthly milestones

  • Comprehensive financial reporting

  • Ability to make more confident, data-driven business decisions


eCommerce Platform Assessment


A common challenge for businesses today, our manufacturing customer wanted to improve their sales experience, streamline operations, and reduce costs with a cloud eCommerce solution that is integrated with their back-office systems.


Real Impact offers an in-depth eCommerce assessment for any industry. We created a documented path for a secure and compliant cloud eCommerce platform that would support the organization’s future needs and growth. The assessment and detailed report included the organization’s current state and roadmap for the retirement of legacy systems, key integration points, workstreams, dependencies, and sequence of events.

Improvements Delivered:

  • Understanding of key dependencies, risks, costs, and timelines for a cloud eCommerce migration

  • Defined solution for an improved experience for business users and customers

  • Actionable plan with options and budget projections

  • A solution that will leverage and integrate with their back-office Microsoft stack

  • Provides accessible, valuable, intelligent, and extensible experience

Specialty Trade Contractor

Dynamics 365 Field Service and Business Central


With an aging Sage server, an abandoned SharePoint application, and paper-based workflows, our contractor customer needed a modern solution for outdated systems and processes.


Real Impact analyzed current project, order, scheduling, and billing processes and implemented a Dynamics 365 solution that creates a paperless workflow and insights. A custom Dynamics 365 mobile app enables field workers to see order information, incidents, and service tasks, as well as upload and download documents, capture images, and obtain customer signatures through the app.

Improvements Delivered:

  • Unified, mobile-friendly Microsoft platform

  • Paperless workflows free up the work of 3 employees

  • Frontline workers have powerful capabilities on any device

  • Invoicing reduced from weeks to days

  • Improved visibility and insights for management

  • Reduced effort and errors through automation


Service-Based Businesses

Enterprise Conversational A.I. Assistant

Data is the lifeblood of every organization, and for many of our customers accessing it can still take minutes, hours, or even days. This presents a huge challenge particularly for service-based organizations where it is critical to operate at optimal speed.


Real Impact offers a turnkey Enterprise Conversational A.I. solution that allows any organization to build on existing knowledge repositories like SharePoint and surface actionable insights that drive automation.

Improvements Delivered:

  • Leverage modern A.I. capabilities to accelerate and simplify access to business-critical information

  • Automate time-consuming and high opportunity cost tasks

  • Improve the experience for employees, customers, and vendors

  • Maximize and extend the value of your existing Microsoft investment (e.g., Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, etc.)

  • Expand insights for faster, more confident business decisions

Bring us your challenges

Let’s start the conversation to discuss your ideas and goals and how Real Impact can get you there faster than you think.

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